Webflow export platform

Everything you need to run your Webflow site externally.
Use and connect your Webflow forms adequately. Connect your forms
Clean out references to Webflow in your code. Anonymize your site
Easily add Google Tag Manager and increase speed. Track your metrics

Your complete solution for Webflow forms

Your forms need to be connected. The Jinglebell platform brings you an intuitive module to fully integrate your Webflow-designed forms. Forget about the ugly external form builders, Jinglebell is your complete solution.

Specifically engineered for Webflow

Easy Webflow integration
Integrating inside the Designer is made simple and user-friendly.
Handles all types of Webflow fields
Use any fields from Select to reCAPTCHA.
Similar interface & features
Quicker adaptability and small learning curve.

All-you-need control panel

Data collection
Collect form submissions as you would in Webflow.
Data notification
Send email alerts as you would in Webflow.
Download formats
Get your form submissions in an Excel or PDF file.
Form folders
Organize your forms with appropriately organized folders - e.g. one folder per each site.
Delete specific data or all data, specify a data privacy officer.

Form system kept incognito

No one will know that you are using Jinglebell to process your forms. By default, Webflow sends form notifications from webforms.io, which traces back to Webflow with a quick Google search. Hide all of this with our incognito system.
We were able to accomplish this by building a standalone web app for handling forms
Form notification emails and integration URLs are generated by a separate web app, not through Jinglebell.io or Webforms.io.
It has its own brand, domain name, and website
There are no backlinks or references to Jinglebell or Webflow whatsoever.

Connect to 1,000+ apps with Zapier

Jinglebell's form module lets you connect to Zapier. Use this seamless connection to pass info between your website forms and other platforms or to set up multi-step workflows.

Anonymize your code automatically

Webflow exported sites are full of references to Webflow. Jinglebell automatically renames or deletes all default classes, file names, and other mentions to make your online presence truly anonymous.

Default Webflow classes
Default Webflow IX
Default Webflow actions
Default file names
Webflow comments in CSS, JS files
Default connections to Webflow forms
Default Webflow script in the JS file
Other mentions of the Weblow name
Download a before/after code sample
Download a before/after code sample

Anonymous code is beneficial in more ways than one

As a professional, you don't want others to easily see which platform you use simply by looking at your code. With Jinglebell, you're creating an extra-layer of difficulty for someone to find out that information.
Your competitors would love to know your secrets when it comes to your site’s advantages over their own.
You can remain two steps ahead of everyone and beat them in quality, price and speed.
If certain flaws were to be found in Webflow's code, it could potentially be used against your site.
“Security by Obscurity” is the technical term for hiding your code identity. If bad actors cannot see it and understand it, how can they touch it?
Some people make it a mission to sneek around and look at stuff that’s not their business.
Just like you would keep your social media profile hidden to the public because it’s personal, you can set your site's code private to the outside world.

It takes ≈ 8 seconds and it is dead simple

Download your zip file from Webflow and upload it “as is” to Jinglebell. That's it; no complicated process, no unorganized installation folders, and no hassle.

Track your metrics and improve speed

Analytics and speed are essential to any website. The Jinglebell platform brings you useful add-ons and tools to accomplish these integral aspects.

Easily add Google Tag Manager

Add GTM code once and apply it to as many sites as you need
Save a GTM template once and then easily apply it later to any exported site in one click.
The way it's supposed to be
Yes, there's a way to add GTM code directly into the Editor with an Embed element, but that's not the way to write clean code.

Minify HTML, CSS & JS files

Less heavy? Loads more quickly
Our script rewrites the text-based parts of your website to reduce its overall file size.
A feature you already love
Minifying files is an already-available feature from Webflow and that's why we've built it inside the code anonymization module.

Webflow export platform

Forms, anonymous code & GTM